Name the podcast about learning another language and other amazing personal news

During the first week of February 2017 I received three wonderful news. Three super shots of dopamine infused events that didn’t get me jumping all around for the sole reason that I had never been used to getting that experience throughout my profesional life in the first place.

And because I want to extend the effect of each fix, I am not going to share them all in one shot. Today I’d like you to help me on a new journey that represents the first piece of good news: I have teamed up with Steve Leveen, a retired CEO of Levenger and fellow alumn at Harvard and Stanford, on his quest to promote the learning of a second language in a mostly monolingual country (despite being the land where all the languages melt together). He will be hosting a podcast that will support a national campaign directed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the professional association representing more than 12,500 American language teachers.

And I’m his Producer.

Steve contacted me after listening to my radio piece called “Ahorita”, that basically builds a bridge towards understanding what We mexicans mean when we say that tiny little word that sometimes drives english speakers crazy; and told me about his project. I immediately jumped in. As a fully bilingual young adult, I can’t stress enough the need for speaking more than one language. Trust me: it’s not only about getting a job -probably not the most persuasive argument-, but what life has in line for you, waiting in another language.

This podcast will explore all those threads of life that weave together when We embark on the challenge of learning another language. But first, We need your help in naming such project.
We’ve narrowed it down to three titles so far: a) The Recovering Monolingual; b) America the Bilingual; or c) Becoming Bilingual.
Which do you think it’s the best title and why? But most importantly, stay tuned. We will “air” this project soon.


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